Blog: Product selection software in the HVAC industry

Experts in the industry of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) have, over the years, identified how to improve decision making and product selection in the design phase of an HVAC solution.

In the digital age, the buying process starts earlier and customisation and/or personalisation is placed at the forefront of the purchase experience. Today customers expect nothing less than the ability to make themselves well informed and tailor their choices to their exact preferences. This have made manufacturers and retailers to respond by offering web-based product selection

So, what does the HVAC customer expect from product selection software?

Product selection software need to be intuitive, give rapid response but also provide the latest line-up of products, smart tools and supporting functions. At Swegon we have a wide range of system design software solutions, one of which is AHU Design, used for the selection of air handling units. The software supports customers with initial concept design, and is used together with customers from the early stage space planning, all the way to production of the selected unit. Learn more about the features of the latest HVAC software in this expert blog post.

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