Blog: How to increase energy-efficiency of your air handling unit

Energy-efficiency is a highly relevant topic, not only today, in the longer perspective too. There is though a risk that measures to increase energy-efficiency are seen as protracted proceedures that generate results in an almost unforseeable future. We are confident that our list of recommendations for reduced energy use in you air handling unit (AHU) can allow for positive results already in the near future.

How to save energy + AHU?
That is a very likely Google search as energy related quests have escalated in recent times. It is likely that many wish for a list or a few carefully chosen recommendations to answer their question, we have gathered exactly that in this blog post. 

Our five suggestions for adjustments of the air handling unit are right to the point and fairly uncomplicated. A couple of the proposed changes are related to the general perception of the indoor environment, but are not inplying that compromises that may affect productivity or rest, health or comfort should be made.

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