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New release of AHU Design v.3.5.0 (March 9, 2023)

Version 3.5.0 release contains following:

NEWS: Export symbol names for GOLD

Now possible to Export changed flowchart symbol names in print menu, Configuration files to download and import to GOLD AHU Control System

NEWS: Eurovent energy labels for GLOBAL RX, PX, LP and SD


  • News: Technical version v.32 for Kvänum, Gembloux and North America
  • Improvement: Updated German language, Swedish language.


Improvement: When not selecting filter F7 or M5, standard filter is delivered. Information of this appears in application. (16781)

Improvement: Wiring diagram improvement for Xzone (17504)

Improvement: Wiring diagram improvement for Iqlogic+ with extra regulation sequence (17505)

Improvement: Damper connection (16988)

Improvement: Fire & Smoke electric wiring diagram improvement (17044)

Improvement: GOLD HC with defrosting part is adjusted with correct article configuration (17525)

Improvement: Updated logic for Damper and recirculation(17486)


Change: New article No. for Smoke detector TBLZ-1-87. New article No. is TBLZ-1-93(17547)


Bug-fix: Fire & Smoke, rule adjustment for pressure guard (17340)

Bug-fix: MG4, incorrect connection (17216)

Bug-fix: Missing operating relay in wiring diagram (16987)

Bug-fix: RX/HC in size 50 - 80 is now possible to add special text for qoute and order (17309)

Bug-fix: Actuator corrected in wiring diagram (17247)


Bug-fix: Wrong symbol in flowchart for Air cooler and Air heater (17233)

Bug-fix: Corrected flowchart for combi-coils(17234)

Bug-fix: Flowchart: RECO2 sensors (17235)

Bug-fix: Weight on combi-coils (17411)

Bug-fix: Corrected dampers visibility when connections is up-wards.


Bug-fix: Connection Component with slip-clamp for Global LP (17521)
Change: Remove damper without motor as option for Global products. (17522)
Improvement: SD mixing logic (17636)
Phase out of  Standard wheel for Global RX & RX TOP
Change: Composite fan by default