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How should I maintain louvres?

Fixed Sunscreens

It is essential that exposed aluminium surfaces are washed in clean water 3-4 times a year, more in marine or industrial atmospheres subject to excessive dust and airborne particles.

Exposed powder coated or anodised surfaces need to be washed with a warm water solution of mild detergent at intervals of not more than three months (1 month in high pollution areas), using a soft cloth, sponge or natural bristle brush.

In cases of heavy soiling of the coating nothing harsher than white spirit should be used for cleaning and under no circumstances, abrasive cleaners, or those containing ketones, esters, acids, alkali or alcohol, however well diluted.

Louvred Doors

Maintenance as for fixed metal louvres but in addition hinges, shoot bolts, locks and gas spring restrictor stays should be wiped clean and lubricated with Plus-Gas Formula ‘A’ penetrating oil.

Panic bolts (where fitted) 

Wipe clean as already described. Check correct functioning of the unit as part of the periodic fire safety test procedure. Every three months check that fixing screws are tight and spring bolt engages properly in the striker plate. Occasionally apply a light machine oil to the spring bolt and all pivot points.

Operational check

As per building maintenance strategy but it is recommended an operational check is undertaken every 3 months and seasonal as a minimum. Visual check: It is recommended that all products are visually checked every 3 months.