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Custom-built solution is a hidden space-saver

Photo: Malmö Live (Adam Mörk)

Malmö Live

Malmö Live is located in central Malmö, Sweden. A 56,000 sq.m. venue for music, culture and night-life for the city’s inhabitants. At the very top of the hotel, on the 25th floor, is the Skybar and restaurant. Here you get to take in the stunning views of the city, the bridge linking Sweden and Denmark, and the Danish capital too.

Special ventilation requirements

Large-scale venues call for special ventilation to maintain comfort due to the crowds all in one place. Complexes like this are typically made up of diverse spaces, each of which is used variably and at different times. This means that differentiated ventilation is needed, depending on where in the building occupants happen to be.

Malmö Live called for a smartly designed ventilation solution due to the stringent requirements regarding air velocity, temperature and noise.

One of the most critical spaces in the building was the large concert hall. In this interior, professional musicians from around the world practice and perform, and to bring the best out in each player and instrument, the environment needs to be draught and noise free. The audience inside this type of venue is also sensitive to the indoor climate, and studies demonstrate a link between disappointing concert experiences and nuisance noise and ineffectual ventilation.

To ensure that the envisaged solution would satisfy the stringent requirements, extensive tests and full-scale trials were carried out first at Swegon’s test facility. A prototype structure of the concert hall was constructed, so that every conceivable factor could be simulated, and a raft of technical measurements and analyses were then carried out with a satisfactory outcome.

Circular air diffuser for supply air in rooms with visible duct work

In addition to the space constraints, there was also an architectural interest in keeping the needed supply air diffusers out of sight. The client challenged Swegon to come up with a solution to this.

The result was a custom-built low-impulse diffuser fitted to the leg of every one of the 1,400 audience seats.

Supplementing the custom-built low-impulse diffusers in the concert hall, Swegon’s exposed ceiling diffusers ensure a comfortable indoor climate inside the Malmö Live complex. These are installed above a louvred ceiling, again, to hide them from view.


Image above: Seating with integrated diffusers in the legs (sketch by Swegon)

Local presence and technical know-how

Thanks to Swegon already having a good cooperation with the customer, we got to be in an early stage. Representatives from Swegon's development department in Tomelilla made the majority of site visits and together with our salespeople and the customer we found the best solution for a pleasant meeting place. Our technical expertise and good solution capacity led us to a Malmö Live with a pleasant indoor climate.


In addition to the custom-built low-impulse diffusers in the concert hall, Swegon’s exposed ceiling diffusers - Ceiling Collection - are now helping to provide the best indoor climate for the Malmö Live complex. These were installed above a louvred ceiling to keep them out of sight. In the Skybar, at the very top of the hotel, Swegon’s WISE system provides the interiors with perfect ventilation via glossy black diffusers in the ceiling.