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Historical building with a vision for the future

Photos: Anne Bråtveit, Stylist: Maria Hove Vestre


Telegrafen was completed as early as 1924, as one of the most beautiful buildings in Oslo. Inspired by the past, the building has been restored to its former glory, with design suitable for the modern society.

Walls that tell a story

Several parts of the 25.000 m2 building has been protected since 1976, and has been preserved which harmonizes nicely with the newer, modern premises. Sustainable materials such as Norwegian marble, granite and brick have been used during the refurbishment, while historical details such as frescoes have been refreshed. The building is designed by two of Norway’s most famous architects, who also designed the huge chandelier which hangs through 7 floors.

Kongens gate (The kings street)

Only a short block away from public transport such as the bus and train station, Telegrafen runs along an entire block on one of Oslo's oldest streets, Kongens gate. The old building that was once the headquarters of Televerket (Norwegian telecommunication) now houses offices, restaurants, cafés and shops. The offices are modern and designed with a vision for the future, with flexibility as one of the key words.

The building has been modernized but at the same time the older characteristics have been preserved and among others, in the ceiling, you can glimpse the products that provide the building with fresh air.

A historical building with modern technology

A building with flexible premises and a future thinking demands an indoor climate system that reflects this. Which is why WISE was chosen, a complete system with all products required to create the best possible demand controlled indoor climate.

In the building there is a variation between closed and exposed ceiling, where the technology is fully visible. Exposed in the ceiling are among others comfort module WISE Parasol EX and air diffuser  WISE Sphere Free. On the walls you can glimpse the product WISE RTA which gives the tenant the possibility to adjust the temperature to a preferable value.

Certification labelling and indoor climate

In 2020 the refurbishment of Telegrafen was awarded the BREEAM grade ”Very good”, as a recognition for its sustainable focus on both design and operation.

Indoor climate and energy performance are both central key values in a certification program. This also contributed to WISE being an excellent system for Telegrafen, since WISE provides full control of the indoor climate, which saves both energy and money. WISE also makes it possible for the individual user to affect their own indoor climate.

Quick facts

Gross area: About 25.000 m2

Built: 1924

Businesses in the premises: Offices, restaurant, bar

Environmental labelling: BREEAM

Installed products: WISE Parasol, WISE Parasol EX, WISE Colibri Ceiling, WISE Sphere Free, WISE RTA, WISE IAQ, GOLD.