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WISE Colibri Ceiling

Active air diffuser for Swegon’s WISE System for demand-controlled ventilation
  • Variable or constant flow regulation
  • Wireless communication via radio
  • Integrated sensor
  • Quick Access
  • Variants: Connection Ø160 or Ø250

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Technical specifications


WISE Colibri C Min* 50 Pa/ 30 dB (A) P Δt=8K W   150 Pa/ 35 dB (A) P Δt=8K W 
Size l/s m3/h l/s m3/h  l/s m3/h 
160 5 18 72 260  694 75  270  772
250 10 36 105 378 1011  120 432 1156

*The product can regulate below Min. but the measurement accuracy cannot be guaranteed, see the product sheet for tolerances. NOTE for a high pressure drop across the product, it may be difficult to reach the min. flow, see the sizing diagrams in the product sheet.

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Active air diffuser for Swegon’s WISE System for demand-controlled ventilation (WISE gen.2) (pdf 903.62kB) WISE Colibri Ceiling a Technical catalogue 22/11/2021
Instructions for Use (WISE gen.2) (pdf 2.3MB) WISE Colibri Ceiling a IOM Manual 12/11/2021
CE-Declaration (WISE gen.2) (pdf 373.35kB) WISE SMAa Quality 28/05/2018
Building product declaration (WISE gen.2) (pdf 94.85kB) WISE Colibri Ceiling a Quality 24/05/2018