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A royal office with excellent comfort


Drottningen, which means ”The Queen” in Swedish, is a new green office building in Helsingborg, Sweden. The building is a start of transforming the area Drottninghög into a more accessible and vibrant zone of the city. With new modern living areas and several new office buildings, the area will create more job opportunities as well as new meeting points with restaurants. Drottningen is one of the higher buildings in Helsingborg and has excellent ocean view from the top floors.

A flexible office building with green thinking

The building is mainly aimed for offices. With about 6000 m2 and 11 floors Drottningen offers plenty of flexible office spaces. The floors have an open layout, big windows with plenty of daylight and great comfort. Swegon has delivered several solutions and products to Drottningen to ensure a flexible and comfortable indoor environment.

The building is made with environmental thinking in focus. For example, beehives on the roof which produce local honey, plenty of charging stations for electric cars, green roofs and with the classification Silver in the Swedish environment certification system Miljöbyggnad.

High demands on flexibility and energy efficiency

The building project is a partnering project where the property is being built by Peab (one of the leading construction companies in the Nordics), Helsingborgs Hem (a housing company owned by the city of Helsinborg), which will have a new head office and the Helsinborg-based company Stenströms Skjortfabrik (Swedish shirtmaker). Stenströms Skjortfabrik is growing and needs new office and warehouse premises. In addition several floors are rentable for other businesses.

The project had two important demands:

  1. Flexible solutions to meet tenants different requirements and being able to adapt to future needs.
  2. Low energy consumption for sustainability and cost efficiency.

Swegon provides the indoor climate for the complete building – making sure it’s both flexible and energy efficient.








Flexible office spaces with WISE

One of the main challenges of the building was to make it flexible by being able to adapt the office premises to the tenants wishes. With this demand comes the need of a flexible climate system. Swegon’s demand controlled indoor climate system WISE plays a big part of this solution. The rooms and floors can easily be divided for multiple tenants. WISE can be adapted to new floor- and room-layouts in a building, without the need to change any cables or move any components. Thanks to the WISE system's wireless communication it is easy and fast to change the setup and provide indoor climate for the new layout.

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Great comfort with sunscreen control

Drottningen really stands out when it comes to comfort. The office spaces are large, well decorated and have big windows which provide excellent views and plenty of daylight – which is important for our well-being. But large windows can also create issues in terms of the indoor climate. When it’s too sunny the indoor temperature can get too high and the sun rays can create glare that hurt our vision. Luckily Swegon’s WISE system comes with internal sunscreen control! The sunscreen control function makes it possible to control the indoor curtains for optimal indoor climate.

Swegon delivers high energy efficiency

WISE together with Swegon's air handling units GOLD provides excellent energy efficiency. The basic purpose of WISE is to adjust the indoor climate to exactly the level required. It ventilates, cools and heats neither too much – which costs energy – nor too little – which adversely affects comfort, but only as much as needed. Combined with Swegon's energy efficient AHUs, this provides an excellent base for an energy efficient building. Drottningen has 3 different types of air handling units, GOLD RX, GOLD PX, CASA R2.

GOLD RX uses a rotary heat exchanger which allows you to achieve the optimum in temperature and energy efficiency. Heating and cooling energy recovery are demand-controlled by the WISE system. The GOLD RX units serve the office areas on the first 10 floors of Drottningen.

GOLD PX uses a counter-flow (plate) heat exchanger which is an excellent choice for applications where you want to separate the air flows. In Drottningen the GOLD PX is used on the 11th floor in the restaurant area to minimize odour transfer to conference rooms.


Gross area: 6000 m2 

Businesses in the premises: Offices and a restaurant

Architect: Fojab

Built: 2018

Environmental labelling: Classification Silver in the Swedish environment certification system Miljöbyggnad

Swegon products installed: WISE-system, GOLD RX, GOLD PX, CASA R2, Ceiling Collection air diffusers, extract air diffuser, transfer units, rectangular sound attenuator.