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Input Output Radio Extender
  • WISE IORE is a unit that can control products in Swegon’s indoor climate system WISE that do not have integrated radio communication
  • WISE IORE is used for reading condensation sensor data and controlling actuators and third-party products
  • Waterborne climate products are easily integrated in the WISE system with the help of a factory-fitted WISE IORE

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Document Article Document type Date Download
Instructions for Use (gen.2) (pdf 817.08kB) WISE IOREa IOM Manual 03/02/2023
Pocket guide (WISE gen.2) (pdf 4.12MB) WISE gen.2 Brochure 22/07/2022
Input Output Radio Extender (WISE gen.2) (pdf 506.3kB) WISE IOREa Technical catalogue 03/02/2023