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Compact comfort module for offices
  • Ventilation, cooling and heating (water or electricity)
  • Constant flow product with adjuster knob for quick and easy regulation of a constant air flow from the slot openings.
  • Designed for installation in the rear edge of the room and ideally is positioned above the adjacent corridor’s suspended ceiling
  • The product can also be integrated in the WISE system as a constant flow module with control of water valves
  • Straightforward installation with two optional water connection sides and centred air connection
  • One grille for both the supply air and the recirculated air
  • Also available with optional factory-fitted control equipment
  • Adjustable air direction ADC and adjustable grille louvres
  • Low installation height
  • High capacity
Air flow range:Pressure range: Cooling capacity total: Heating capacity:
l/sm³/hPaWwater (W)electricity (W)
0 - 850 - 30620 - 200Up to 2682Up to 4274Up to 1000
800, 1100, 1400722 (+0-20)286