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CE Marked 'ES' Classified Square/Rectangular & Circular Fire Damper
  • Designed for use in ventilations systems to reinstate compartmentation in the event of fire.
  • ES classified for integrity and low smoke leakage in demanding projects.
  • CE Marked fulfilling the requirements of EN15650, fire tested to EN1366-2 and classified to EN13501-3.
  • Choice of tested installation methods to suit concrete/masonry floors/walls and dry walls including composite wall systems.
  • Wide size range, including multiple assemblies to cater for large format ductwork.
  • Choice of actuators to suit the project requirements.
  • Designed to suit square / rectangular or circular ductwork.
  • Actionpac damper control system compatibility.

CE Marked ‘ES’ classified multi-blade automatic fire damper used to prevent the spread of fire and smoke, maintaining compartmentation in internal normal dry filtered air systems. Once closed by the buildings automatic fire detection system or the local thermal fuse (72°C), the SmokeShield PTC damper will fulfill the Integrity (‘E’) and reduced Smoke Leakage (‘S’) criteria. SmokeShield PTC™ include 75mm stainless steel aerodynamic interlocking opposed blades with synthetic seals with steel blade end bearings and peripheral gasketing. Housed in a fully welded galvanised 1.2mm spigotted casing suitable for square, rectangular or circular connections, compliant to Class A & B of Eurovent Document 2/2 and Test Procedures for Classes A, B & C of HVCA Ductwork Specification DW144.