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Bespoke Intelligent Damper Control & Monitoring System
  • Dedicated damper control panel for control, testing and monitoring of fire dampers and smoke control dampers.
  • Powerful and very flexible functionality accommodates any last-minute changes to strategy, zones, damper quantities, references, descriptions and enables standardisation of software (no bespoke site-specific versions required).
  • Designed to work with all Actionair life safety dampers including fire dampers and smoke control dampers.
  • LNS5 is CE marked, EMC and LVD compliant.
  • Open and interoperable protocol allows possible support by others.
  • System designed to cater for environmental occupancy (energy saving) as well as the building’s smoke/fire management strategy.
  • Allows for phased commissioning and future expansion with minimal disruption.
  • Practically suits any building’s damper requirements.
  • Optional networking of panels to a central control and monitoring panel - up to 64 panels on network.
  • Optional remote access via internet.

The Actionpac LNS5 System consists of either a 10 or 15 inch embedded computer depending on the panel size, UPS and pre-loaded software. The system communicates with damper interfaces to provide intelligent control and monitoring of motorised dampers and monitoring of manual fire dampers. The data network cabling enables substantial reduction in costs when compared with conventional systems. Digital input/output devices can be accommodated on the network cable or located within the panel enclosure.