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Standard Electro Mechanical Control & Monitoring System
  • Standard Modular Design.
  • Simple Fire Damper Control & Monitoring.
  • Wall Mounted Enclosure to IP20.
  • Finished in RAL 7035.
  • Vinyl Overlay Facia.
  • Standard Zonal Control.
  • Individual Monitoring of Reset & Release Status.
  • Top Cable Gland Entry.
  • Fire Interface required per zone.
  • BMS common fault relay output per panel.
  • Test/Normal/Override Keyswitch.
  • Keyswitch Mains Isolator.
  • Lamp Test Button.
  • Hinged on Right.

The Actionpac EMS Control System, consists of a number of fire dampers hard wired individually to a central control panel. The dampers are collectively controlled and continuously monitored.