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Natural smoke, heat exhaust Ventilator
  • UK CA Marked
  • EN 12101-2 tested
  • Sizes up to 1500 (w) x 2000 (h)
  • 24V D&H actuator
  • Acoustic rating up to 38dB (Rw)
  • Thermal valve U up to 2.1w/m2k

The VENGEN28 NSHEV is a dual purpose natural smoke & heat exhaust ventilator designed for automatic opening in a vertical external wall. The VENGEN28 NSHEV has been tested and certified to EN-12101-2:2003.

The VENGEN28 NSHEV is a vertically mounded aluminium louvre framed window assembly comprising of thermally broken aluminium double glazed louvre window in arrays of three to seven blades. Available in bespoke sizes up to 1.5m (w) x 2.0m (h); supplied in an extensive range of colours and finishes and with a choice of frame border options to fit most applications, such as curtain walling and brick-block structural openings.

The VENGEN28 NSHEV has been designed with slimmer sections and attractive mitre joints that add visual appeal without compromising performance making it the ideal product for fa├žade construction, schools, office buildings, winter gardens and various other applications.

ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 registered.

The product may not be used for anything other than its intended use.