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AIR BOSS T-Series Plus

Industrial Filtration System
  • Stand-Off Cordierite Insulators
  • Solid State Power Supply (T1001 and T2002)
  • PWM Power Supply (T3003, T4004, and T5005)
  • Spiked Ionising Blades (Stainless Steel)
  • Extra Depth Collector Cells
  • Electrical Component Box Mounted Out of Air Stream
  • Modular Approach for Greater Flexibility
  • CE Approved

The TrionĀ® T-Series Plus is ideal for the removal of smoke, oil, grease, and fumes associated with grilling and frying cooking operations. The T-Series Plus extends unit sizes beyond the standard units available in the T-Series range along with the functionality of the automatic wash system. Models T1001 through T5005 are designed for ducted applications. The range also introduces a modular and cost-effective automatic wash system usually associated with much larger air cleaning systems.

Automatic Wash Function:

Specifying a T Series Plus saves the building owner time, money and ensures the system will work effectively with minimum need for maintenance.

As the plates in the cells are coated with contaminants the cells become less efficient and require cleaning. Our T-Series Plus system has an automatic wash system, so the cells can be washed in place. The wash system has manifolds equipped with spray nozzles, spraying water and/or detergent. An external system pumps specially formulated detergent into the wash manifold water supply line.

The T-Series Plus control system is custom programmed to automatically cycle the wash manifolds, detergent, and the exhaust fan. After completing the wash cycle, the system has been programmed to automatically restart the ESP system, the wash cycle can be started automatically by a 7 day time clock (mounted inside the control panel) or by pressing the Wash Mode button.