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Variable flow damper
  • Variable or constant flow regulation
  • Can be mounted directly at bends and duct transitions/reductions (circular)
  • Possible to choose different communication protocols
  • Can be easily anti-condensation insulated in the duct system
  • Variants:
    • REACT V BBAC - BACnet and analogue control (Belimo)
    • Circular connections: Ø100-630 mm
    • Rectangular connections: 200x200-1400x700 mm

Learn more about REACT.

  • Intended for flow regulation of comfort ventilation.
  • Moist, cold and aggressive environments must be avoided.
  • Can be installed in both supply and extract air systems.
  • Pressure independent but recommended working range between minimum pressure drop of 10 Pa to 300 Pa over the damper.
  • The minimum air flow must be considered during design.
  • For good regulation, a minimum difference between Vmin and Vmax of 20% of the product’s Vnom is recommended.