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What is light?

Light is what in the world of physics be called an electromagnetic movement, a form of radiation. Light in itself is not visible. The beam of light detected by the human eye in a spectrum of electromagnetic radiation is what we call “visible light”. Light is usually divided into two subgroups: natural daylight (the sun) and electric light. Much of the light we have indoors is daylight, but it is many cases not enough which is why we add electrical light.

Light is speedy. Light travels at about 300,000,00 m/s, which is almost 9 million times faster than the cheetah, the fastest land animal!

What is light in a room?

How to describe something that can’t be seen or touched? Lighting experts usually describe indoor lighting with reference to 7 different factors, for example to colour, shadows and light level.


7 factors describing light

How does light affect us?

Light has great influence on human health and well-being. Incorrect lighting can contribute to tiredness, tension in the neck and back as well as disruption to the circadian rhythm, sleep-wake rythm. Flicker from lighting sources can cause nervous system stress reactions and an inaccurate light picture might cause discomfort.


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Light and energy savings

Today, iti is possible to use sustainable and energy-efficient brightness-controlled lighting systems. Lighting fixtures with built-in sensors to detect movement in a room brighten automatically in response to occupancy and dim when rooms are vacated. By means of a daylight control feature, the level of the light can be adjusted and dimmed when natural daylight is making it brighter inside. This saves energy. Light placement is the matter of having the right light in the right place at the right time, comfortable and sustainable.


Swegon’s solutions

The WISE system, has the ability to controll the ventilation and indoor climate and it may also control and manage lighting on demand in a building. A flexible solution which adapts smoothly to changes in the premises. Similar to how the rest of the WISE system works! Functionality is also adapted to meet a number of requirements regarding lighting control in different building certification programmes. The animation on the right illustrates a number of features.

As a supplement, in collaboration with Fagerhult, we offer integration with Fagerhult's system for smart lighting.


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