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Visualising the Invisible: Comfort

Visualising the Invisible: Comfort

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Discover the secrets to creating the perfect indoor environment with our webinar, where we explore the nuances of comfort – from temperature and humidity to air speed – ensuring your space is synonymous with relaxation and productivity.

This session covers: 

  • How comfort refers to how we feel in the indoor environments by encompassing temperature, humidity and air speed.
  • Why it is also referred to as thermal comfort or indoor thermal quality
  • What factors impact the comfort of a room, including temperature and the relative humidity in a building.
  • What external factors need to be considered with comfort

This webinar is part of a webinar series that will be curated and hosted by Swegon Air Academy. The webinar is in English.


Mikael Börjesson | Competence Sustainability Education Director

Åsa Norén-Lundh | Indoor Environmental Competence Manager

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