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Webinars at Swegon Air Academy

Swegon Air Academy has recently launched its new website and the research focused platform has also taken the lead on live knowledge sharing. In a series of webinars, four important indoor climate factors are being discussed by experts.

Swegon Air Academy is a neutral platform where knowledge is shared about indoor climate and sustainability. Through case studies, articles, research projects and more, in-depth information is shared to create a better understanding of how an indoor environment affects people and the planet.

Delivering a quality indoor environment is a complex task that involves providing good indoor air quality, minimising noise disturbance, ensuring comfortable temperatures and establishing healthy levels of humidity, in summer and winter. This, and further aspects of the indoor climate, add up to what we now refer to as indoor environmental quality (IEQ).

Right now, in a series of four webinars, Swegon Air Academy leads discussions on four strategic indoor climate topics which are all related to IEQ. The webinars aim to share research and experience based knowledge and to interact with selected experts. All episodes will be sent live in English and the four topics of the webinars are people, comfort, ventilation and acoustics. Visit Swegon Air Academy for more information.


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