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The new office design

An office location or a place for success?

The office location has become a subject of discussion as workplace mobility is assumed to become the new normal. Some people are more reluctant to long time commuting and many have found a new work life balance not to dispense. Therefore, some argue that a number of attractive offices might be opening in the suburbs, closer to the employees. The city office then becomes more of a brand statement, a place to appeal and retain talents and customers, to expose products and reflect company values. While some believe in this “hub and spoke”-model, others strongly believe in the survival of the downtown workplace, but with a bit of change. The conception of business districts are believed to become more varied. Offices are thought to be increasingly mixed with apartments, gym and other amenities, wining and dining. Entire areas will turn into highly accessible and vibrant zones of everyday life, destinations with a purpose worth visiting, sometimes called 20-minute neighbourhoods.

No matter the location, creating successful new offices in one shape or another is not just about making change. It will require a new mindset as tenant character may change in a more rapid pace, when competence rather than attendance is hired and the expectations of four generations will influence everything about the workplace. It will be important to get the “placemaking” of the office right, and flexibility is definitely the key to quickly adapt to changing circumstances.

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