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Perhaps your future career is at Swegon

Are you working on a master thesis?

Do you want to write your thesis on energy, the environment or indoor climate? That’s great news!

Please contact us, we can probably find an exciting and challenging job for you. Get in touch, whether you already know what you want to write about, or need ideas. You are probably interested in the industry and study for a relevant degree. 

You are important to us

You might think it’s just about ventilation. But actually, at Swegon, we create technical solutions using in-depth knowledge, innovative thinking and advanced engineering to make people feel good indoors. Sustainability issues and minimal environmental impact are always a primary consideration. These are important and major issues, now and in the future.

Visit us at the large construction fairs. Attend our knowledge seminars (they are free for students and you will find them at Swegon Air Academy). You might discover how many opportunities there really are in the industry, and perhaps you will create the next innovative solution that, beyond being awarded prizes, improves the lives of people and the environment. That’s why you are important to us.