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Radiant Ceiling Systems

The Zent-Frenger GmbH offers holistic concepts for overall energy solutions and supports your building plans in all phases of the project, from the initial design to use of the building.

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Holistic range of services for commercial buildings

Zent-Frenger GmbH is much more than a supplier of technology for ceiling cooling systems and component activation. Our strength lies in particular in project business for owners of commercial buildings. The Company offers you building-specific, complete energy solutions from a single source - from feasibility studies and selection of the most suitable systems through planning, project management, manufacture and installation, to the commissioning and maintenance of complete heating and cooling systems. Zent-Frenger offers you a complete service that you can rely on.


Since its foundation in 1954, the then Zent-Frenger Gesellschaft für Gebäudetechnik GmbH has been able to to place numerous technological innovations on the market. Especially in the field of chilled ceiling technology, it is considered to be a pioneer. For many years, Zent-Frenger GmbH has also been involved in pioneering technology for the use of near-surface geothermal energy for economic temperature control in commercial buildings.

In-house Planning, Production and Execution

The technical execution planning of customer-specific projects is carried out directly in our branches in Hamburg, Heppenheim and Leonberg. We have been manufacturing our own ceiling cooling series for sheet steel, aluminum and plasterboard ceilings at our headquarters in Heppenheim since 1990.

We offer comprehensive services

We advise our partners in all phases of the construction process - from the initial design to use of the building. In the design phase of your project, we provide you with documentation on sustainable building design, recommendations for low energy systems and cost estimates for the various solutions. When working on your building concept, we support you in defining the indoor climate and comfort criteria that result from user requirements for heating and cooling.

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