Wall air diffusers with discs for supply air and flush mounting

Rectangular supply air diffusers with rotatable discs. The disc technique enables supply of air above or below room temperature as well as in a horizontal and/or vertical distribution pattern The air diffusers are well-suited for constant as well as variable air flow.

  • Adjustable discs
  • 100% flexible distribution pattern
  • Cleanable
  • Adjustable slot for enhanced capacity
  • Simple adjustment
  • Used together with ALV commissioning box
  • Standard colour White RAL 9003
    • 5 alternative standard colours
    • Other colours upon request

Technical specifications


COLIBRI Wall ALV   l/s  
Size Size 25 dB(A) 30 dB(A) 35 dB(A)
300-150 300-150-100-B 15 20 28
400-150 400-150-125-B 24 28 40
400-200 400-200-160-B 33 41 50
550-250 550-250-200-B 50 60 75
550-300 550-300-250-B 62* 70 85

The data specified in the table is applicable to 50 Pa total pressure when the slot is closed.

* Data applies at total pressure 35 Pa.

*) Lp10A = Sound pressure incl. A-filter with 4 dB room attenuation and 10 m2 room absorption area.

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