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All-in-one combined air handling unit and reversible heat pump

All-in-one combined air handling unit and reversible heat pump. The result is fresh air, heating and cooling in an unrivalled slimline and energy-efficient design. Planning is simplified by the fact that we have already done the integration between the heat pump and the air handling unit for you mechanically and in terms of control. The compact dimensions also save you valuable space. Installation is simplified if you opt to have the unit factory pre-filled, tested and ready to run. Commissioning is fast and smooth, as all the functions are controlled directly from the GOLD unit’s intuitive hand-held terminal.

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Document Article Document type Size Format Download
Security recommendations GOLD/COMPACT/SuperWISE I, SuperWISE II Instruction 184.91kB pdf
Reversible heat pump, installation and maintenance GOLD RX/HC Instruction 1.56MB pdf
EC declaration of conformity for the machinery GOLD/SILVER C/COMPACT Quality 139.64kB pdf
Reversible heat pump, function guide GOLD RX/HC Instruction 388.08kB pdf