Radiant Baffle
  • Very high heating & cooling capacity
  • Acoustically effective (class C)
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Suitable for retrofitting
  • Available in various designs (colours, wood appearance, etc.)
  • Components can be integrated

Efficient and flexible high performance module

The METAL LINE radiant baffles are an efficient radiant ceiling system with good sound absorption properties. The vertical arrangement results in a comparatively high proportion of surface area with thermally and acoustically effective metal baffles.

Furthermore, the quick and easy installation means retrofitting in existing buildings is straightforward and does not affect ongoing use. The METAL LINE radiant fins therefore offer an efficient, flexible and aesthetically pleasing solution for a pleasant room climate and an improved room acoustic concept.

In order to satisfy the acoustic requirements, acoustic fleece is bonded inside the radiant fins. An additional insulation insert can be provided in order to increase sound absorption in particularly sensitive areas.

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