Ventilation unit with counter flow heat exchanger 180 - 828 m³/h
  • Smart control
  • Air flow range 180 * 828 m³/h
  • Counter flow plate heat exchanger with temperature efficiency up to 84 % (EN 13141*7)
  • Ecodesign energy class A
  • Ecodesign sound value 49 dB
  • Eurovent certified

Residential air handling unit (1000 x 594 x 1312 mm, Ø200 mm) with the performance to ventilate multiple residences with the same unit and with counter flow heat exchanger that eliminates the risk of odour transfer between apartments. Also suitable for large houses, daycare centres, offices, shops, etc.

The ventilation unit has intelligent demand-controlled humidity function (RH) as standard. CO2 and VOC automation are available as accessory. Intelligent anti-frost protection ensures continuous ventilation and automatic summer function with passive cooling helps during summer. Also external coils for heating and cooling are available as accessories.

SMART - W9 is available with Smart control system. The ventilation unit can be controlled with a separate Smart control panel, cooker hood or mobile phone (Smart Access as an accessory) and it can be connect to the automated building management system with SEM Modbus module or configurable I/O.

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