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We have a wide range of products for supplying air to a room or building. Depending on the building application and the many indoor climate related requirements, various principles for ventilation and air flow may be preferred. Learn more here.

Air diffusers of many kinds

Swegon offers a wide range of different air diffusers, designed for different purposes. Some are made for placement in suspended ceilings, some for wall mounting and others for being exposed in the room. Either way, they may be customised in terms of colour and shape to fit its surroundings - to blend in, or to stand out. Some of our offered air diffusers are developed for specific buildings or room applications, clean-rooms in hospitals or laboratories for example. 


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Nozzle diffusers for good flexibility

Aside from providing a good indoor climate in the premises today, the nozzle diffuser is a good investment for tomorrow's needs. As our animations show, the many adjustable nozzles allow great flexibility as they may be turned to change the air flow pattern. Meaning, nozzle diffusers can perfectly suit a new interior design with only small adjustments. 


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When to use a solution of waterborne units

Swegon also offers a wide range of waterborne products, products used for when the heating or cooling energy is transported by water. Sometimes called hydronic units. It is common to use waterborne products in taller buildings as the infrastructire for water pipes takes up little space and can allow for either higher ceilings or additional floors. Also, waterborne products are favourable when there is a significant heating or cooling requirement. A conference room may be a good example, which can be completely empty but in a few minutes be filled with people, computers etc.

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Comfort modules for large cooling capacities

Our comfort modules are optimised for having the ability to quickly mix the supply air with the room air, and thereby provide better comfort in the room, faster. In heating applications, this technique can be utilised advantageously to convey heat from the ceiling and hence attain good comfort in the occupied zone.

A comfort module differs from other products in the way that it distributes air in four directions. This maximises the area for the mixture of supply air with the room air, moreover this enables high capacity from little space in the ceiling.


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