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Release AHU Design v. 3.13.0 (2024-03-21)

Release AHU Design v. 3.13.0 (2024-03-21)

APPLICATION / GUI / Calculation 


• Improvement: The calculation button in the design view has been updated to better reflect the status of the calculation result as well as match the style of other buttons in the application:
• The color of the button has been changed to better reflect the type of warnings on the unit:
        • The button now receives an orange color when calculation result
           includes one or more warnings.
        • The button now receives a red color when calculation result includes
           one or more errors.
• The "!" icon on the calculation button has been replaced by a cross in order to
   better match the warnings.
• Fix for Mollier printout blank page
• Fixed issue with wrong Mollier results for Aircoil heating coils


• Bug: Corrected placement of humidifier and sensors (23699)
• Bug: Corrected mix-up of circulations pump on coils (22783)
• Bug: Corrected some duct connections on TBKC and TBKA (23918, 24699)
• Improvement: Electrical wiring of DX coil (24429)
• Improvement: Corrected name for circular and rectangular TBLE (24522)
• Improvement: New article numbers for TBTF and TBFS (23975)
• Improvement: Placement rules for TCDA on Gold/Silver SD is corrected size 4-12 (24987)
• Improvement: Clarification on recirculation setup for HC (24593)
• Improvement: Technical printout shows if a unit is split or one-piece unit (23275)


• Improvement: name of circular connection accessories (24072)
• Improvement: roof for Esensa Flex (24129)
• Improvement: Duct connections on Global LP (24618)
• Improvement: connection Inlet/Outlet on ECA (24283)
• Improvement: Added graphics for extra base frame 350 mm (24619)
• Improvement: KWIn is now added from the choice of frost protection (24620)