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Release AHU Design v. 3.11.0 (2024-02-08)

Release AHU Design v. 3.11.0 (2024-02-08)



The FLEX unit is a centralized double flow unit that can be installed in a horizontal or vertical position.

Thanks to this versatility and its flat profile, it can be installed on a roof, under a pitched roof or along

a narrow corridor. It operates from 200 to 4630 m³/h.

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Vertical version                                                                     Horizontal version


NEWS: Combi coil as standard in AHU Design(KVÄ)

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NEWS: Epsilon Sky for TBKC / TCKC (KVÄ)

In this update, reversible DX coils TBKC, TCKC are included as standard selection.


With this option you will also be able to combine the selected coil/GOLD with an EPSILON Sky R32, either

for cooling only, or reversible, and with Smartlink DX of cource. AHU-Design will calculate all needed

technical data to be able to select the EPSILON Sky in CH-Design (via SBT).

Since CH-Design is a tool mainly used by C/H salesmen we have together with Cantarana made an

alternative log-in to CH-Design that takes you directly to the right place, where you only need to put in

the figures that AHU-Design have calculated. This is the first step in a 3-step rocket of creating an easy way

to combine a GOLD unit with a chiller/heat pump.

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NEWS: Remake of coil presentation, in Controlsystem (KVÄ)

Improvement: Increased harmonization of Heat & Cool of Controlsystem with G8 (23396)

Heat & Cool layout within Controlsystem is modified to be organized like the tabs in G8. I.e. related to

regulation sequence.

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As help to select correct regulation sequences, default is an un-used sequence.
If two coils are defined to be regulated by same sequence, this is tested within the calculation. If an mistake
is identified, calculation fails and a re-definition is required.

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APPLICATION / GUI / Calculation 


  • Epsilon Sky integration
  • Eurovent rotary heat exchanger – Show resualt in printout for OACF & EATR values
  • Updated tooltip for Coil TBKC and TCKC
  • Glycol in selection – Printout
  • Adding text field product name for Aircoil
  • New AirCoil DLL
  • New DirectCoil DLL
  • New FANselection DLL


GUI Improvement in Unit list view

  • Updated colors
  • Updated icons
  • The calculation icons have now been made slightly larger in order to make them easier to click on.
  • Fixed an issue where rank 3 warnings and calculation errors did not show up when hovering on the
    calculation icon.
  • Hovering on the calculation icon now shows all type of warnings (including rank 1). Previously only
    rank 2 and 3 warnings were displayed.
  • The calculation icon should now be disabled similar to how the calculation button in design view is
    • Calculating a unit now disabled the button (same behavior as in design view)
    • Units with calculation disabled should no longer get calculated when pressing the "calculate all" button
    • Added tooltip when hovering over disabled calculation icon
    • Unit with configuration errors now displays a disabled state (greyed out arrows) instead of
      error state (red cross). This change was made since the behavior of units with configuration
      errors, i.e. you can't calculate them until fixed, is more similar to disabled units than units
      with errors (since you can calculate them)



  • Fixed energy comparison error
  • Promaster AfterResultWarning does not trigger popup after calculation



  • News: New ordering codes for TBVL, change of supplier (Valve kit) (23206)
  • Improvement: Design has been graphical updated (23388)
    • Electrical connection
    • Dividing line between unit sections

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  • Improvement: Correction of valvekit logic for silver units (22844)
  • Improvement: Updated Portuguese language
  • Information when you select a concentration over 29% for Ethanol aircoil (23467)
  • Bug: Duct prefilter (TBFA) had no graphic for size 4-8, corrected (23391)
  • Bug: Graphics for size 100-120 corrected when Xzone is selected (23728)




  • Improvement: Warning on higher cooling coil face velocity (23131)