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Release AHU Design v. 3.10.0 (2023-11-30)

Release AHU Design v. 3.10.0 (2023-11-30) 



NEWS: Added possibility to add heating coil water/electrical on exhaust air both in duct and cased.


APPLICATION / GUI / Calculation 

  • News: New technical version v.36
  • Bug-fix: Warning when changing unit size
  • News: DLL update Roen Est DLL (coils for GLOBAL and ESENSA)
  • News: New Sound data model for GLOBAL PX LP (Release date, 5th of December)
  • News: Energy printout - Include comparison without energy recovery

  • Bug-fix: Fixed issue with heating coils after RX/HC at other Operating Setup




  • Improvement: Added possibility to select dehumidification-sensor in room
  • Improvement: Added extra filterkit for afterfilter (TCFB) for size 100-120
  • Improvement: Added possibility to have complete valve kit with ethanol as liquid
  • Improvement: Added TBKA on outdoor when connection is upwards
  • Improvement: Added possibility to select and calculate electrical coil on multi-function part
  • Improvement: Improved management of coils configurations, to secure correct wiring diagrams
  • Improvement: Added possibility to order inspection window and internal lights on RX unit for RX/HC
  • Improvement: Pulse counter possible to select also in menu External Operation Control  (Control system)
  • Improvement: TBXZ188 and TBXZ189 is also selectable for GOLD
  • Improvement: Added short description on all duct and cased components:

  • Improvement: Multiple languages corrections
  • Bug-fix: Corrected rotor description in flowchart
  • Bug-fix: Corrected wiring diagram for SUSA in combination with I/O module
  • Bug-fix: Corrected wiring diagram when smoke detector and pressure guard, both was selected
  • Bug-fix: Corrected handling for coils and transitions for TOP unit size 25-30 (TBKA, TBLA and TBKC)
  • Bug-fix: Corrected TBLF and transitions on TOP units size 14-30
  • Bug-fix: Corrected electrical connections for GOLD RX/HC in technical printout
  • Bug-fix: Corrected damper set of duct recirculation for GOLD RX/HC size 11/12


  • Improvement: Added possibility to select prefilter in all GLOBAL SD coils (picture?)
  • Improvement: Possibility to add two coils of the same type in GLOBAL SD
  • Improvement: Changed purge sector warning to information message
  • Removed condensate pump on LP OUT
  • Bug-fix: Corrected dimensions for weather hoods for GLOBAL SD
  • Bug-fix: Default value of analog sensor (K2) corrected


  • Improvement: Added possibility to place empty ACLA on exhaust air