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New release of AHU Design v.3.4.4 (January 26, 2023)

Version 3.4.4 release contains following:


  • News - New technical version 31
  • Updated design in operating setups
    • Fixed a bug where creating an operating setup and then directly refreshing the page resulted in the name disappearing
    • Fixed a bug where editing a value in an operating setup and then directly deleting that setup resulted in the application crashing
    • Fixed an issue where it was possible to add an operating setup to an ordered unit, which resulted in the resetting of the calculation results
  • Updated design in calculation results
  • New Aircoil dll
  • New icon for GOLD HC
  • Bugfix, energy calculation for preheating battery in climates colder than -30°C (eg Kiruna)
  • Bugfix, energy calculation for Finland was not based on the correct location




  • News, fans for sizes 11-20

The fan insert is redesigned with a new motor. Impeller and motor control are retained.

The design reduces internal losses, this with improved motor efficiency results in increased fan efficiency.

  • News, Added PHI for MPE sorption rotors.
  • New version of Fire & Smoke
    • New menu setup in Controls system
    • Updated flowchart
    • Updated Wiring diagram
    • Updated function texts
  • Coils in AHU design updated
    • Updated menus
    • Updated descriptions
    • Updated logic and adapted to new aircoil version
  • Fire bypass damper
    • Possible to add Fire bypass damper in Design view. (Bypass section, HEX PX, Duct reverse section)
    • Add new dampers for HEX PX size 5 and 40.
  • Improvement, updated weights for HEX RX for GOLD and SILVER
  • Bugfix, TBLZ-1-55 component issue is now corrected.
  • Bugfix, TBLZ2313 component issue is now corrected.
  • Bugfix, DX Compressor E5 visible in flowchart.
  • Improvement, Multifunction parts configuration is now presented in Printout.
  • Improvement, New translation in Portuguese. 



  • News, Added PHI for MPE sorption rotors.
  • Improvement, Pre-filter for Inspection part and Outdoor hoods is now presented in Flowchart
  • Bugfix, uppdated placement rules for ACGA (spacer section)