Comfort modules 4-way air distribution


Efficient cooling, heating and ventilation for best room comfort

A comfort module for every requirement

PARASOL is a complete product family. The comfort modules are optimized to quickly mix the supply air with the room air, which provides better comfort in the room. In heating applications, this technique can be utilised advantageously to convey heat from the ceiling in a better way and attain good comfort in the occupied zone.

A comfort module differs from a climate beam by distributing air in four directions instead of two. This maximises the area for the mixture of supply air with the room air, which enables you to take out a high capacity, but without occupying more ceiling space than necessary.

Supply air
Air flow            
Constant (CAV)      
Variable (VAV)          
Demand control (DCIC)        

PARASOL Zenith b

PARASOL Zenith b is the latest addition to the PARASOL family. It has been developed to handle large variations in the supply air flow rate, cooling and heating loads. With its wide working range, the possibility of tenant adaptations increases without the need of making extensive changes in the system as a whole.

The high cooling capacity also enables a lower duct pressure or a higher cooling water temperature can be used, which saves energy and even improves room comfort further. With its low weight, its compact dimensions and optional air connections on short or long sides, PARASOL Zenith b is also easy to install.

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Easy installation and commissioning


PARASOL Classic is the original in our product family. With good performance and large opportunities to adapt the air distribution as required in the room, PARASOL Classic is a reliable and cost effective part of your indoor climate system.

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Different control platforms

In most rooms the level of activity varies over the day, which means you frequently ventilate empty rooms as if they were fully occupied. Therefore large energy savings can be made by choosing the right control system for the building. In existing systems, or where you only have a need of only controlling the water side, even simpler control is available The PARASOL family is available with different control options for the different units to be able to adapt to the real need in the premises. 


A comfort module for DCIC, fully equipped with valves, actuators and control unit with wireless communications, for full integration with Swegon’s WISE system.


Simpler solution for VAV control of the indoor climate. 


Our CAV product can be equipped with the LUNAd controller for controlling the water. Can also be integrated into the WISE system as a constant flow module with control of water valves.

Other control options

Room control of the temperature by opening or closing heating/cooling valves.



Suspended variants

The following products are available in designs for suspended mounting:


  • Quiet, draught-free and right temperature – high comfort 
  • Ventilation, cooling and heating in a single package – easy to plan 
  • Individual regulation of temperature – satisfied end-users
  • No fan, filter or drainage – minimal service requirement
  • Adaptable to your needs now and in the future – high flexibility

300,000 units installed

With more than 300,000 units installed across the whole world, PARASOL is the award-winning market leader since 2005.


There is also a large range of accessories to match your needs, from connection kits for air/water, valves and actuators, to control equipment, commissioning damper and face plates in different designs.

For PARASOL Zenith you can choose a foldable coil that simplifies cleaning of the top of the coil and a suspension bracket to simplify installation.

See each product datasheet for details.

Commissioning, inspection and maintenance

Contact your service office if you have questions concerning e.g. commissioning, repairs and maintenance of your ventilation system.

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Here you can download Swegon’s product database for MagiCAD. Alternatively the products are also available in BIM format in MagiCloud.


If you have any technical installation questions, would like to order spare parts or submit a fault report? 




All PARASOL comfort modules are certified by Eurovent.

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Comfort INVENTILATION, 4-page brochure - Brochure 906kB pdf
Commissioning guide 2014:15, k-factors (all) Instructions 6.49MB pdf
Commissioning guide 2015:02, k-factors (all) Instructions 8.61MB pdf
CE-Declaration, motor ACTUATOR 3nM Quality 289.13kB pdf
CE Declaration (WISE gen.1) ADAPT Parasol Quality 146.94kB pdf
Technical manual (Stand alone/WISE gen.1) ADAPT Parasol Instructions 6.21MB pdf
Quick Guide, change from commissioning mode max airflow (WISE gen.1) ADAPT Parasol b Instructions 1.27MB pdf
Installation instructions, Variant X (Stand alone/WISE gen.1) ADAPT Parasol b Instructions 353.95kB pdf
Installation instructions (Stand alone/WISE gen.1) ADAPT Parasol EXb Instructions 5.55MB pdf
ETL-certification (Stand alone/WISE gen.1) ADAPT PARASOL EXb Quality 437.78kB pdf
Suspended comfort module for the WISE system (Stand alone/WISE gen.1) ADAPT PARASOL EXb Product sheet 5.06MB pdf
Comfort module for the WISE system (Stand alone /WISE gen.1) ADAPT PARASOLb Product sheet 5.7MB pdf
ETL-certification (Stand alone/WISE gen.1) ADAPT PARASOLb Quality 437.78kB pdf
Energy-saving comfort module for demand-controlled ventilation (WISE gen.1) ADAPT PARASOLb, US-version Product sheet 4.86MB pdf
Installation instructions CG IV-KIT Instructions 1.29MB pdf
Installation instructions CG IV-KIT Instructions 1.32MB pdf
Condensation sensor CG-IV Product sheet 184.59kB pdf
Certified - Test standards Confirmation Quality 162.69kB pdf
Certificate, Chilled beams EUROVENT Quality 175.94kB pdf
Building product declaration PARASOL Quality 73.68kB pdf
Application Guide - PARASOL (Stand alone/WISE gen.1) PARASOL Brochure 1.76MB pdf
Operation and maintenance PARASOL Instructions 198.74kB pdf
Nozzle configuration PARASOL Instructions 604.39kB pdf
Quick Guide - PARASOL (Stand alone/WISE gen.1) PARASOL Brochure 1.48MB pdf
Wiring PARASOL - LUNA Instructions 272.69kB pdf