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Actionair SmokeCommand MCD

EN 12101-8 Smoke Control Damper
  • Smoke Control Damper
  • Control mode protected by lightweight, robust thermal enclosure
  • Damper drives to open or closed position < 60 seconds
  • CE marked fulfilling the requirements of EN 12101-8
  • Fire tested to EN 1366-2 and 1366-10
  • Classified to EN 13501-4
  • Maintains free area in open position at standard or elevated temperatures
  • Available in both left handed and right handed configurations
  • Unique SnapLockTM drive interface ensures user friendly connection of Control Mode
  • Easy connection to square, rectangular, circular and flat oval ductwork
  • Choice of tested installation methods 
  • Optimised for use with ACTIONPAC control panels

Technical specifications

Technical Description

  • CE Marked rectangular or square smoke control dampers classified to product standard BS EN 13501-4 and tested to both BS EN 1366-10 and BS EN 1366-2.
  • HOT400/30 classification means SmokeCommand can cycle and adjust the position for 30 minutes at 400°C.
  • Designed for installation in smoke extract systems. As these ductwork systems regularly serve more than one fire zone or floor when smoke extraction is conducted from one area, it is essential to use the smoke control damper to fully fire protect adjoining fire zones from ductwork penetrations that are connected to the smoke extract duct and keep positive pressure in pressurisation systems.
  • This damper uses a two-position actuator for drive open and drive close operation. When used for smoke extraction, under authorised control, the SmokeCommand-MCD damper will remain open and maintain cross-sectional area in excess of 120 minutes at elevated temperatures.
  • This fire-resistant smoke control damper for multiple compartments is suitable for installation in a variety of walls.
  • SmokeCommand-MCD Smoke Control Dampers may also be used for controlled supply of makeup air as a function of the fire engineering process.
  • As smoke can spread rapidly and efficiently through a building ductwork system, damper operation needs to be initiated by a smoke detection system, as thermal sensing can often be too late. SmokeCommand-MCD dampers are designed to be interfaced with the buildings fire alarm via a dedicated Actionpac damper control panel for automatic activation upon detection of fire or smoke.

Specification Text

Swegon Actionair SmokeCommand-MCD Smoke Control Dampers. A multi-compartment Smoke control damper that complies with the requirements of BS EN 12101-8 for use mounted on to a compartment structure that can be put into operation on receipt of a smoke or fire alarm. Performance requirements: E 120 (Vew-i<->o) S 1000 C10000 HOT 400/30 AA multi. Classified to EN 13501-4. Tested to BS EN 1366-10 and BS EN 1366-2. The dampers comprise of 75mm stainless steel aerodynamic interlocking blades incorporating a high-temperature synthetic seal, with stainless steel blade end bearings and peripheral gasketing. Housed in a galvanised fully welded, spigotted casing suitable for square or rectangular ductwork connections. The totally enclosed precise movement opposed blade drive shall be positioned out of the airstream for protection against damage, be hard-wearing and free running. The Actuator/Damper connection shall be by means of the snaplockTM drive interface mechanism, which is totally independent of the ductwork. Swegon Actionair SmokeCommand-MCD dampers in association with their appropriate insulated actuators drive open and drive closed in operation and suitable for automatic activation smoke extract systems. Once initiated, if required, the system can allow the smoke control damper position to be changed by external input/firemen’s' override up to 400°C.

Installation Drawing Reference

  • SSC = Standard Supporting Construction
  • NSSP = Non-Standard / Specific Supporting Construction

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Installation Guide (pdf 898.43kB) SmokeCommand MCD IOM Manual 06/07/2023
Installation Drawing (pdf 1.8MB) AAF12873 (E) SmokeCommand MCD DWFX-F in Plasterboard Wall.pdf Others 25/11/2023
Installation Drawing (pdf 3.12MB) AAF12874 (E) Vertical SmokeCommand MCD DWFX-F in Masonry or Block Wall Others 25/11/2023
Product Sheet (pdf 973.15kB) Actionair SmokeCommand MCD Product Sheet Technical catalogue 04/09/2023
Declaration of Performance (pdf 756.12kB) Actionair SmokeCommand MCD Declaration of Performance Quality 07/07/2023