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Smoke and Fire Dampers

For maintaining compartmentation and controlling of smoke in buildings and marine HVAC applications.

Quick Damper Comparison Table

  Actionair SmokeCommand MCD  Actionair SmokeShield Actionair CSS Actionair FireShield Actionair A60 Marine
Purpose Smoke Control and Compartmentation Compartmentation Compartmentation Compartmentation Marine Fire Damper
hEN Product Standard EN 12101-8 EN 15650 EN 15650 EN 15650 N/A
Operation Drive Open / Drive Close Fail-safe close Fail-safe close Fail-safe close Fail-safe close
Actuated (Automatic) Damper  
Designed for Actionpac  
SnapLock Interface       
CE Marked N/A
E classified (Fire/Integrity) EN 1366-2  
S classified (Smoke) EN1366-2    
Smoke Control EN 1366-10         
Ductwork compatibility Square/Rectangular Square/Rectangular, Flat Oval, Circular Circular Square/Rectangular, Flat Oval, Circular  

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