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Fire Dampers & Smoke Dampers

For maintaining compartmentation and controlling smoke in buildings and marine HVAC applications.

We offer a range of fire dampers and smoke control dampers for the control of fire and smoke within a building. To achieve a CE mark fire dampers must fail-safe close, using an actuator or fusible link, and are for compartmentation whereas smoke dampers use drive-open/drive-closed operation. We offer both manual and automatic (motorised) fire dampers.

Comparison Table

  Actionair ThermCommand MCD Actionair SmokeCommand MCD Actionair ThermShield FD Actionair ThermShield FDC  Actionair SmokeShield Actionair CSS Actionair A60 Marine

Actionair TransShield

  Smoke control damper fire damper with single blade circular fire damper with insulated blade fire smoke damper with multiple blades made from steel circular fire damper with metal blade metal fire damper for marine applications with electrical actuator transhield.jpg
Purpose Smoke Control and Compartmentation Smoke Control and Compartmentation Compartmentation Compartmentation Compartmentation Compartmentation Marine Fire Damper Compartmentation
hEN Product Standard EN 12101-8 EN 12101-8 EN 15650 EN 15650 EN 15650 EN 15650 N/A N/A
Operation Drive Open / Driver Close Drive Open / Drive Close Fail-safe close Fail-safe close Fail-safe close Fail-safe close Fail-safe close Fail-safe close
Actuated (Automatic) Damper *manual also available *manual also available  
Optimised for low smoke cold leakage with Actionpac  
CE Marked N/A N/A
E classified (Fire/Integrity) EN 1366-2    
S classified (Smoke) EN1366-2    
I classified (Insulation) EN1366-2          
Smoke Control EN 1366-10             
Ductwork compatibility Square/Rectangular Square/Rectangular Square/Rectangular Circular Square/Rectangular,  Circular Circular   Square/Rectangular


Resources to help with the specification & installation of fire dampers


Product range changes to improve building safety

Swegon are committed to staying at the forefront of life safety damper design and subsequently understand the importance of improving occupant safety in buildings.

We believe that in the event of a fire, both compartmentation and the reduction of smoke transfer through the ventilation system should be the baseline requirement for product performance, resulting in a minimum classification of ‘ES’ (Integrity and Smoke Leakage).

We will be quoting any enquiries received for the FireShield product as the ThermShield FD-R / FDC-R (mechanical fusible link) which carries an enhanced classification of ‘EIS’ (Integrity, Insulation and Smoke Leakage).

FireShield 'E' (Integrity only) products and all variants will be produced for on-going projects and existing specifications where the design is too far developed to facilitate the change. We will continue our commitment for legacy supply including spare parts for maintenance.

Should you have any questions regarding the above, please contact us.

FireShield Documentation