BlueBox Tetris 2 FC

Air-cooled modular free-cooling chiller, scroll compressors, 3 free-cooling configurations available, R410A, 122-518 kW

Modular free-cooling chillers for large systems. Wide range: high efficiency multiple combinations and low noise versions.Selectable independent free-cooling module.

A and A+: high efficiency version
SLN: super low noise version
LN: low noise unit
DS: execution with desuperheater
Configurable free-cooling section: Basic, Custom, Extra

3 free-cooling configurations available
Tier 2 compliance: high efficiency configurations with EC fans.
Chiller with low refrigerant charge
Extended operating limits: down to ambient -40°C with special accessory
Dual power supply with automatic switching (option)
BlueThink advanced control with integrated web server. Multilogic function and Blueye® supervision system. (options)
Flowzer: inverter driven pumps (options)

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Product sheet Tetris 2 FC ProductSheet 433.45kB pdf
Brochure Tetris 2 FC Brochure 5.14MB pdf
Tetris-FC Commercial Leaflet (All) ProductSheet 2.78MB pdf