Ventilation unit with plate heat exchanger
  • Ventilation unit with counterflow plate heat exchanger for commercial applications. Well-suited for both newly constructed buildings and renovation projects.
  • Maximum airflow of 3700 m³/h or 1020 l/s
  • Temperature efficiency ≥ 90% (-10°C/+22°C)
  • Temperature efficiency ≥82% acc. EN308
  • Energy-efficient and quiet EC fans with composite or aluminum blades (except for size 18)
  • For installation indoors
  • Premium “TACtouch” touch screen control interface

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EC Declaration of Conformity for Machine GLOBAL Quality 363.38kB pdf
VDI6022 Declaration GLOBAL Quality 297.69kB pdf
REACH certificate GB (All) Quality 521.63kB pdf
CE Declaration GLOBAL/MURAL/CLASS UNIT (All) Quality 363.16kB pdf
GLOBAL PX TOP Technical Guide GLOBAL PX TOP ProductSheet 3.76MB pdf
Quickguide General GLOBAL range GLOBAL ProductSheet 1.59MB pdf
Pressure Sensor installation manual TAC5 Instruction 244.64kB pdf
MODBUS TABLE TAC5 Instruction 650.09kB pdf
TAC5 _ HR REC v8 TAC5 Instruction 25.97MB pptx
TAC5 SAT BA-KW installation manual TAC5 Instruction 3.17MB pdf
Room temperature sensor CID370042 Room Temperature sensor Instruction 533.25kB pdf
EOLE4-2.8.2-2.7.0 GLOBAL-CASA Instruction 624.33kB pdf
BACnet Gateway COMPO Instruction 596.61kB pdf
BIM PX TOP GLOBAL PX TOP Engineering 6.4MB zip
BACnet Gateway GLOBAL TAC5 Instruction 601.6kB pdf
Wiring diagram GLOBAL Instruction 8.46MB pdf
SAT ETHERNET - CONFIG IP CID025072 Others 25.68kB zip
KNX installation manual TAC5 Instruction 1.67MB pdf
MODBUS RTU Installation manual TAC5 Instruction 658.68kB pdf
MODBUS TCPIP (Wifi-Ethernet) installation manual TAC5 Instruction 1.6MB pdf
SAT TAC5 BA-KW Quick Instal CID372004 Instruction 337.66kB pdf
Filter kit list GLOBAL Brochure 598.38kB pdf
MI Regulation TAC5 and MODBUS TABLE GB (All) Instruction 1MB pdf