Envirco® Mac 10 LE-DC

  • 0.37kW brushless EC motor

  • HEPA (H13) filter

  • 250 Pa of external static capability (ESP) at 0.45m/s, backward curved centrifugal fan (except 600mm x 600mm) 

  • Walkable plenum

  • Available in 600 x 1210mm, 585 x 1185mm, 600 x 905mm, 1210 x 1210mm and custom sizes

  • CE Marked (230V) units

  • Mill finished aluminium exterior

  • Universal Card - a hybrid card which offers manual control, 0-10V remote control and Modbus® network control 

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Second Generation FFU

The MAC 10® LEDC, features the most control options and the most versatile control system available on the market today.

This second generation unit meets the needs of clean room users by offering a quiet, compact filtration unit at a market leading low power consumption level to ensure lower clean room operating costs at a time of increasing utility costs.

Green Choice

By taking advantage of a unique combination of EC motor technology with Envirco’s proprietary baffling system and backward inclined fan, the LEDC tops the industry in energy efficiency. Its electronically commutated (EC) motor with internal microprocessor offers high performance and delivers long motor life with energy consumption rates as low as 50W @ 0.45m/s while delivering high performance and long motor life. Utilising Envirco’s experience in FFU development, the MAC 10® LE-DC also features low sound levels of 45 dBA, which are a MAC 10® family benchmark.