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Chillers and heat pumps with low GWP refrigerant R32,with scroll compressors and plate heat exchangers. Also available in inverter version for a specific capacity range. Extended range, versatile applications. 38 - 650 kW


Chiller: chiller with ON / OFF compressors
Hi: chiller with inverter compressor
OH: non-reversible heat pump
Hi OH: Non-reversible heat pump with inverter compressor
/XLN: Super low-noise unit
/DS: execution featuring a desuperheater
/DC: execution with recovery condenser


  • Conforming with Ecodesign Reg. 2281, tier 2
  • High efficiency inverter version available
  • Low GWP refrigerant: unit filled with R32
  • New design: compact footprint for option with built-in hydraulic module
  • Buffer tank (option)
  • BlueThink advanced control with integrate web server. Multilogic function and Blueye supervision system. (options)
  • Flowzer: inverter driven pumps (options)

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EN_SIGMA Sky - QT - Light (pdf 972.98kB) SIGMA Sky R7 Technical catalogue 29/04/2022
Brochure (pdf 4.76MB) Sigma Sky Brochure 08/02/2022
Product Overview (pdf 16.43MB) Product Overview BlueBox 2024 Brochure 30/05/2024
Product Sheet (pdf 487.28kB) SIGMA Sky R7 Technical catalogue 30/05/2024