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Other measures that may be considered

Digital solutions or upgrades to improve energy-efficiency

There is also an opportunity to digitally renovate units on a plant level. To exemplify, the hand display of our Swegon GOLD air handling unit can be updated. Functionalities are then made available for older units which otherwise are standard only in todays’ brand-new AHUs. This update allows for continuous analysis of the indoor climate based on a greater number of paramteters, and service needs can be better planned with the vast amount of historic data available digitally.

However, aside from the digital upgrade, a refurbishment of our AHU is also possible in terms of tangible parts. An assesment of the air handling unit is made together with one of our technicians to define the scope of the refurbishment. However, it might be advised not to try to prolong the life of the AHU due to the extensive work needed or because the energy-requirements are too comprehensive. In that case, the recommendation can be to replace the entire air handler for a better result in regards to energy-efficiency and indoor environmental quality. 


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