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Let the air harmonise with the surroundings

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Air diffusers for any environment

Each environment is a unique combination of style, colour and material. Swegon now makes it possible to combine an excellent indoor climate with colour and form. Choose a pattern and let the diffuser stand out or blend in. With Decoline the appearance that is right for environment in which the air diffusers will be installed is chosen.

Stone, wood, carbon fibre or metal? With Decoline anything is possible!

Should the air diffusers be accentuated or concealed?

With Decoline it is possible to accentuate the indoor climate solution or make it a unique furnishing element. It is also possible to let the air diffuser harmonise with the interior in a stylish and discreet way.


Pictured: CIRCO


Pictured: KITE Ceiling

Unique opportunities with design in focus

These air diffusers are available with Decoline

With Decoline anything is possible!

In our brochure you can find out more information about Decoline and the different patterns that are available.

Download the brochure

Choose from different patterns and styles

More patterns are available in our brochure.

Brushed metal

Brown leather

Carbon fibre


Natural oak

White marble