New release of AHU Design v.3.3.6
(October 13, 2022)


Version 3.3.6 release contains following:

Corrections and improvements


BugFix - Calculation retries not working correctly (regression from v3.3.1)
BugFix - incorrect url when creating a new project
Fix - improve monitoring (Hotjar)
Security fixes on application servers
Improved application logging
Simulation timeout increased to improve stability in calculations


BugFix - GOLD SD fan Connection up on Supply and Extract air (13366&13367)
Fix - GOLD RX HC enable duct recirculation combination with side and up (14943)
BugFix - GOLD RX, PX, CX, SD - Insulated circular duct dampers (15117)
BugFix - GOLD RX, Flowchart error when adding shutdown damper in supply air(15170)
Fix - Wrong volume of refrigerant on HC size 35-40 (15186)
Fix - Property mixing section issue for GOLD SD with TBBD (15198)
Fix - Bottom beam improvement for GOLD RX (15340)
Fix - Support feet improvement for GOLD/SILVER size 05 and 08

IMPROVEMENT - Fire & Smoke functions updated for GOLD (Release of project phase 1 of 2) Flowchart and wiring diagram updated in phase 2.

Temperature efficiency has been changes on STE sorption (adjusted by 1.29% units) and MTE sorption (adjusted by 0.24% units).


Improvement - Remote control for TAC 5
Fix - Global SD Sound calculation
Fix - R32 refrigerant fluid added


Fix - TBLZ123 issue in flowchart is now fixed (14078)
Fix - Correct number of temperature sensors in Flowchart (14073)
Fix - MERV 8 filter adjustment, re-allocated to inspection section(14886)
Fix - Connection with air flow direction up improvement (14920)
BugFix - ACEK in combination with downshot improved
Fix - ARHI certification updates
• Calculation data update
• Removed MPE option from rotors alternative
• Purge angle value change from 14 to 7.