The easiest way to the right indoor climate


Select the right model for your needs

GLOBAL is available in several variants with different heat exchangers. You will find one that suits your needs.

Reliable and excellent function

GLOBAL is a new series of energy efficient and robust air handling units. They are developed for installation engineers who have projects with a tight budget and short delivery times. The integrated TAC5 control and regulating equipment makes start-up easy, while running maintenance is limited to e.g. filter replacement, which is indicated by a service alarm. With this air handling unit the end user gets a good indoor climate at a lower price.

Everything goes quick and easy

With short delivery times and easy, user-friendly commissioning no advanced specialist knowledge is required. GLOBAL is an ideal one-piece air handling unit for small and medium-size air volumes.


  • Simple to choose and order the right air handling unit
  • Short delivery times
  • Easy to install
  • Easy start-up and commissioning
  • Easy to maintain


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SAT ETHERNET - CONFIG IP CID025072 Others 25.68kB zip
SAT TAC5 BA-KW Quick Instal CID372004 Instructions 337.66kB pdf
BACnet Gateway COMPO Instructions 596.61kB pdf
Wiring diagram GLOBAL Instructions 8.46MB pdf
EC Declaration of Conformity for Machine GLOBAL Quality 363.38kB pdf
VDI6022 Declaration GLOBAL Quality 297.69kB pdf
Filter kit list GLOBAL Brochure 598.38kB pdf
Installation manual GLOBAL Instructions 13.13MB pdf
Operation manual GLOBAL Instructions 4.89MB pdf
Technical catalouge GLOBAL LP Product sheet 9.75MB pdf
Quickguide GLOBAL LP Product sheet 727.49kB pdf
Drawing DWG GLOBAL LP 02 Engineering 3MB zip
Drawing DWG GLOBAL LP 04 Engineering 3.1MB zip
Drawing DWG GLOBAL LP 06 Engineering 3.28MB zip
Drawing DWG GLOBAL LP 08 Engineering 3.25MB zip
Drawing DWG GLOBAL LP 10 Engineering 3.18MB zip
Drawing DWG GLOBAL LP 12 Engineering 3.24MB zip
Drawing DWG GLOBAL LP 13 Engineering 3.26MB zip
Drawing DWG GLOBAL LP 14 Engineering 3.18MB zip
Drawing DWG GLOBAL LP 16 Engineering 1.21MB zip
Drawing DWG GLOBAL LP 18 Engineering 1.21MB zip
Disassembly-Assembly GLOBAL PX Instructions 1.66MB pdf
Quickguide GLOBAL PX Product sheet 801.79kB pdf
Technical catalouge GLOBAL PX Product sheet 3.11MB pdf
Drawing DWG GLOBAL PX 04 Engineering 735.4kB zip