Air handling unit with counterflow plate heat exchanger and top, side or L connections, without controls.
  • Max. air flow 14.067 m³/h (Ecodesign)
  • Counter flow plate heat exchanger
  • Cooling/heating available as an accessory (not integrated)
  • Placement indoors/outdoors
  • Top, side or L connections
  • Without controls
  • Certified by Eurovent
DimensionsAir flow
Width mmHeight mmLength mmWeigth kgMin air flow m³/s (Ecodesign)Max air flow m³/s (Ecodesign)Min air flow m³/h (Ecodesign)Max air flow m³/h (Ecodesign)
SILVER C PX 0490110202333/2534349-4900.080.52902012
SILVER C PX 0590110202333/2534349-4900.080.52901944
SILVER C PX 07107111852503/2811435-6230.080.82902793
SILVER C PX 08107111852503/2811449-6310.20.87202844
SILVER C PX 11127513952925715-8040.21.17203883
SILVER C PX 12127513952925736-8320.21.17203993
SILVER C PX 14147616513351929-10490.21.77206495
SILVER C PX 20147616513351949-10890.31.910806844
SILVER C PX 251746191138251235-14270.32.510809000
SILVER C PX 301746191138251287-14510.52.618009537
SILVER C PX 352136225944771792-20380.53.6180012803
SILVER C PX 402136225944771818-20640.753.9270014067
SILVER C PX Top 0490111852534480-4840.080.52902032
SILVER C PX Top 0590111852534480-4920.080.62902032
SILVER C PX Top 07107113952811599-6130.080.72902534
SILVER C PX Top 08107113952811613-6210.20.77202533
SILVER C PX Top 11127513953285814-8260.21.17203793
SILVER C PX Top 12127513953285836-8540.21.17203831
SILVER C PX Top 141476165139141083-11310.21.77206534
SILVER C PX Top 201476165139141103-11750.31.910806713
SILVER C PX Top 251746191142081375-14890.32.310808331
SILVER C PX Top 301746191142081427-15130.52.318008315

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