Sound attenuators with acoustic centre baffle for circular ducts
  • Excellent noise attenuation
  • Available in the sizes Ø 315-800
  • Equipped with centre baffle
  • Material: Galvanized sheet steel as standard to Environmental Class C3
  • 100mm mineral wool.
  • The mineral wool is covered with polyester fabric. On size 500-800 the polyester fabric is also covered with perforated sheet steel
  • SORDO-B Ø 315-400 air tightness class D
  • SORDO-B Ø 500-800 air tightness class C
  • Low pressure drop
  • Included in the MagiCad database
  • Fire-resistance corresponding to class EI30 to EI120*
    *See the table for requisite safety distance
SORDO-B - Standard range
DimensionLength Working rangeAttenuation

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