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Products and services

You’ll find everything here that you need to create the best indoor climate in the world. Swegon’s unbeatable range of reliable and meticulously engineered products and services ensures the best ventilation system for your project, every time. To search for documents about a product, enter the product name in the search bar below. Or search by entering an order number.

We offer a wide range of products, solutions and serviced to cover all needs.
These pages are still being developed, in the meantime please go to our old swegon.com or your preferred language web site. 

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Air handling

The widest range of air handling units in the market.


Room units

Wide range of room units for all types of premises.

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Demand controlled indoor climate

System for demand control of indoor climate.

Cooling & heating_main

Cooling & Heating production

Extensive range of high-efficiency chillers and heat pumps in various configurations.

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Air- & Sound management

Products that regulate the flow, and ensure that noise, smoke and fire do not spread.


System products

Crossover products that function on multiple levels in the whole-house ventilation system.



Commissioning, monitoring, upgrades, service, etc.