Meadowbrook Day School, Weston MA

Project: Learning Commons and Middle School

New construction to provide Meadowbrook Day School with state-of-the-art facilities for their students.


Research indicates that classrooms experience dramatic swings in occupancy during the typical school day. During vacations and summers, these classrooms may remain empty for weeks. The need to cut operating costs by entering unoccupied mode was thus desirable to the project design team.

Other fields of study show that students perform better in spaces with controlled indoor environmental quality (IEQ)

A ventilation system was desired that would provide energy savings during unoccupied periods, while increasing or decreasing the amount of ventilation, heating and cooling according to the actual demand of the zone served.


Swegon PARASOL VAV chilled beams were specified and installed to meet the project requirements. The building automatic systems provides signals to maintain ventilation, cooling and heating setpoints. Variable flow dampers inside the chilled beams provide more, or less airflow to match occupancy requirements. Chilled beam features:

• 179 2’ x 2’ and 2’ x 4’ chilled beams

• Finish selected by architect

• Internal damper with 24 v actuator to control airflow

• External casing for chilled beams in open plan ceilings

• Pressure sensors inside chilled beams for airflow measurement and control