Fletcher Alan Healthcare, Baltimore, MD, USA

Comfort and Energy Savings in Healthcare

Originally named the Fletcher Allen Oncology Center, the now Vermont Medical Center Oncology (UVM) Cancer Center building is unique in that it appears to be below ground, with green roof that is flush with the entrance to the main medical center.

An Air-Water System

The building HVAC system is an Air-Water chilled beam system, delivering ventilation and comfort through supply air conditioned at the main air handler, and by chilled beam cooling in occupied rooms. The chilled beams cool by inducing air from the rooms they serve. The induced air is cooled by the chilled beam cooling coils, blended with incoming supply air, then gently distributed back into the space. As the chilled beam cooling coil cools the induced air, heat is transferred to the cooling water. Heat from the room is thus piped away, back to the chiller.

Comfort, energy savings, ease-of-maintenance.

Originally installed in 2010, Swegon PARASOL Classic chilled beams were specified to take advantage of the energy-saving features of chilled beams. After 13 years, the owner reports that energy savings has been as expected, and that the chilled beams have resulted in the desired levels of occupant comfort and ease-of-maintenance.

The product

The product used in Fletcher Alan Healthcare


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