CASA R3 is a compact air handling unit with a rotary heat exchanger and controls, suitable for installation in the wall or ceiling and air flow rates of 53 - 170 CFM
  • Eco-design energy class A
  • Air flow range 53 – 170 cfm
  • Temperature efficiency +80%
  • Humidity efficiency +80%
  • Automatic rotor speed control for demand controlled humidity function as standard.
  • Automatic summer function and passive cooling
  • Anti-frost protection ensures continuous ventilation
  • Can be connected to the automated building management system (I/O / Modbus)
  • CASA Genius Control system
  • Passive House Certified (Pending)

CASA R3 is a compact air handling unit with rotary heat exchanger. With an airflow of up to 170 CFM, CASA R3 is suitable for decentralized ventilation applications in smaller zones and includes GENIUS, the market’s most intelligent standalone and networkable controller, with standard airflow, demand-control ventilation, and humidity control functions.