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New release of AHU Design v.3.3.3
(September 15, 2022)

Version 3.3.3 release contains following:

Corrections and improvements


Change design so functions are grouped together


Update Danish language for Kvänum and Gembloux products.
RLT logo update for Kvänum products.


Bugfix: Valve connection size correction with Aircoil coil selection.
Updated icons for heat exchanger, Filters, fan on top view in 3D design tab. Correction of flowchart for recirculation of GOLD HC
TCGA duct connection correction
Improvement of height dimension of bottom beam
Updated flowchart for COMBI Coils
Correction of drain trap logic for GOLD and SILVER
Correction of configuration of multi-part for SD 120. AHUD --> M3
Updated Finnish translations


Included Power supply in wiring diagram for TAC5 & TAC6
Graphic corrections for Power switch on Global LP
Slip clamp combination corrections for Global with EBA
Added graphic for Cold climate pressure sensor
Correction of valve accessory for COIL DX
Generation of relay satellite for Global TAC 5
Updated Flexible sleeves for Global SD
Correction of IBA configuration for Global
Correction of Kit V3V ordering codes
Electrical preheater new calculation
Pressure surrounding sound level added in the printout
Correction of ordering codes for Global SD units
Optimized insulation added as option


Added possibility to configure Down shot solution for GOLD
Added possibility to configure L-shape solution for GOLD
Corrected dimension lines of Multi-functional part.