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From smart to climate smarter

Stockholm Waterfront

Waterfront Building is one of Stockholm’s most climate-smart office properties and has been awarded LEED Gold environmental certification. More than 24,000 m2 of office space of the highest quality in every aspect – from the materials to the technical solutions. The interior fittings have been selected with care, with a predominance of timeless, classic natural materials such as stone and blond wood for maximum sustainability and a solid, robust feel.

A difficult and green challenge

The requirement was to make the building as versatile as possible. Room layouts, electricity and data were to be adapted for different types of business and to offer the tenants multiple options for arranging the office to suit their needs and wishes. The building also had to be extremely energy-efficient – climate-smart.

Swegon reference cases stockholm waterfront
Swegon reference cases stockholm waterfront

Unusual and unique solutions

The Waterfront Building shares its energy system with the hotel and congress centre in the Stockholm Waterfront complex.

250 tonnes of ice plus water from Lake Klara are used to regulate the temperature inside the buildings, both for heat dumping and also as a source of heat during the winter and free cooling when the water temperature is low enough. This technology is unique in the world.

The congress centre’s glass façade and double-glazed windows act not only as a soundproofing barrier but also as solar collectors, supplying power to the Stockholm Waterfront buildings. An average of 1 MW of thermal energy is collected by the 1,040 m2 of solar collectors every day. That is equivalent to 90,000 standard low-energy light bulbs.